Taste of Raleigh: Bogart's American Grill

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This will be one of my fave restaurants in Raleigh, with good food and better music, ambience, and a wonderful martini that Mom and I shared…it was a good foodie night.
What we had the day after Thanksgiving:
Roasted pear salad with pomegranite dressing
Beef Tips risotto
14 oz ribeye
sweet potato chips
Strawberry martini and margaritas

The strawberry martini and sweet potato fries were my fave. I finished up the collards yesterday. The decor was set in Humphrey Bogart style which was my favorite part. Will be spending one dinner of my bday week here with some girl friends. It will be a fun night!

CS Lewis and Charles Darwin in the Movies

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I usually do not go watch movies in the theatres when they first come out. I will make it to our fabulous 1.50 theatre when they finally come there, or I will wait till the summer and see them outside at one of the 4 places in the Triangle that show them “on the green”. I just saw Blind Side and thought it was pretty good – maybe I’ll pen those thoughts at some point in the near future. This weekend I am watching Where the Wild Things Are for free on the green as well.
Anyway, there are two coming out later in 2010 that I may make an exception for. One I’ve been eagerly anticipating and one I just found out about today.