Book Review: 7 Feasts

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Most people are afraid of the Old Testament. Believe me, I was there at one point. But, for me there are a lot of hard parts of the Old Testament, but so much beauty as well. And as I’ve been studying it these last 5 or so years more in depth, I realize how much more I need to learn and see.

When you study the OT rightly, you see so much beauty, order, truth, love, history, and the kingdom of Christ.

Erin David, author of Beyond Bath Time (for all you mamas of littles out there), has written an 8 week study on the 7 Feasts in the Old Testament. In studying these, while looking in depth into not only the Old Testament, but seeing how it connects to Christ, the Gospel and the New Testament, it really all comes alive.

Feasts, celebrations and the good news of the gospel can all be found in this study. In our modern Christian culture today, we don’t study a lot of the Old Testament and the feasts. But, I trust that you will pick this up, learn more about it, and see how this study will enable your Bible study and your knowledge will help your understanding of the entire Bible come together.

You can pick it up from Moody publishers, study it solo or in groups. Thanks to Moody for my copy of this. I look forward to diving in even more.