Foodie Night with Brandi

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I love my foodie friends!
Brandi and I worked together at SBTS before she went and had a baby. Last night was our last time to get together and hang out before I move on as well. Such is the life of seminary workers!

We had so much fun and I personally ate too much!
I made a huge salad: green leaf lettuce, roma tomato, cuk, feta cheese, pecans, dried cherries. YUM
Brandi made chuck bbq with Sweet Baby Rays sauce that she had slow cooked and then shredded. We ate it the only way you can: on a yellow bread roll that was garlic-ized in the oven on broil.
We also had baked doritos and baked ruffles.
For dessert: an eggo waffle topped with fruit, cinnamon, and maple syrup.

End the night with a Diet Doctor Pepper and my fave dude on TV solving a food-related murder – could it get any better?
I’ll definitely miss Brandi – and am thankful for social media and email!

My Favorite Things Salad

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Man, it was definitely a good eats at home time while snowed in! Love those little treasures God brings to us!
I’ve seen many recipes for eggs and asparagus – with the whole fried egg on top of steamed asparagus with the runny yolk. While this is great, it has more calories than I want to spend on it, so here is my version!

serves 1

Green leaf lettuce, chopped
1/2 bunch of asparagus, roasted (trimmed, zest of lemon, drizzle of evoo, s/p, 450 for about 20 minutes)
caramelized red onions
2 t ground flax seed
1 egg white cooked in microwave (in bowl, grease with pam, one egg white, cook for 45 seconds)
1 T crumbled feta
balsamic vinegar.

SO GOOD! I think roasted asparagus has to be some of the world’s BEST GOOD EATS!