Link-Happy Post

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Since I’ve been gone for about 10 days – I had 713 google reads to sift through.  When I have that many, I quickly scan and star.  Then go back.  I wanted to let you in on the good ones of the week: whether food, Bible, life, etc – here you go:

1.  I have plenty of cast iron in my kitchen.  Almost like it as much as my stainless steel – depends on what I’m cooking.  Here is why you need cast iron!

2.  Ever wonder how or why to study the Bible?  The rising 10th graders at my church were studying this recently…this would have been a help to them – and maybe to you.  Hand it to Tim Challies – uber blogger to pen this.

3.  Carolyn McCulley writes a brilliant piece on Learning to Be Married

4.  Who says practical can’t be beautiful?  Birthday is less than 6 months away (or just an anytime gift would be good!) 

5.  Keeping with my Johnny Cash theme – thought you might like this short video.  How can you not like Johnny’s bass voice?

6.  Feminists strike again.  Dr. Denny Burk, new father, and Dean of Boyce College, makes us aware of their latest.

7.  My friend Courtney writes here about the trend for women (of child-bearing age) to opt out of it (maybe in search of seomthing “more”).

8.  Ephesians 4.29 is usually stuck in my head somewhere.  I wish I obeyed it more often.  But, especially in light of social media – how do you find yourself living obediently of this verse?  Kevin Deyoung helps us out.

9.  Becoming a better writer doesn’t just happen.  I remember getting low Cs and even a D in high school (I really think it was just because the teacher didn’t like me) and then made As on writing assignments in both college and seminary.  But, here are some tips.

10.  And speaking of Kevin DeYoung and writing – here are more tips.

11.  Many Christian women ask this: can I work outside the home once I’m married.  I do not believe there is a biblical mandate – just wisdom and Scriptures on priorities and submission.  John Piper talks about it here.

12.  Billy Joel.  Genesis 11.  How in the world is there a connection?  Stephen Altrogge makes one.  Its a good one.  John 3.30.

13.  Yummy summer treats.  I still want to make these soon. 

Ok – these should keep you busy for a while.