Bestowing Honor

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Paul says in the book of Romans: “Outdo one another in showing honor.” (Romans 12:10)

Well, I want to do just that on this post.  Right now I am laying on a king size bed in a little inn on the banks of the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC.  Thanks to my parents.  See, I was born.  They like to give birthday gifts.  This was mine this year.  Yeah!  I like to help them succeed in giving good gifts!

So…I don’t brag on my parents enough:

1.  Only ones who still love me when I argue back, want my own way, am selfish, have no makeup on, want want want, burn food, smell, and any other things I can think of that aren’t loveable.

2.  They will always love me.  That is reassuring, and challenging at the same time.

3.  They sacrificed when I was growing up and sent both the bro and I to a Christian school.  Thankful for that sacrifice.

4.  They allowed me to make a choice on churches in high school that would forever alter my path of life.

5.  They encourage me in every endeavor – well, smart ones.  But in the bad ones they let me make mistakes and help me pick up the pieces (I think of relationships and stupid money usage and burnt pork chops for Thanksgiving dinner.)

6.  My Dad: a hard worker, a very gracious person (I’m glad I learn that from him), a wise person, one of the most patient people I know.

7.  My Mom: cares so much about others and likes acts of service (again, I get this from her), faithful, will cry for me when I won’t cry for myself, and my biggest fan (like all mother’s should be.)

I love them.  They are great.  Will I parent (maybe, one day) just like them – no.  Some things will change.  But, I hope my children will be able to know their grandparents one day.  And I hope I take some of their traits into parenting, or even into my relationships with other people

Thank you Mom and Dad