Much and Link Love: January 24

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1.  Naps do a world of good – but not for your to-do list

2.  Enjoy.  Who do you enjoy?  (Notice I didn’t say what…but who?)  Is your life filled with people you enjoy being around, with, in their company?

3.  Durham is a place of solace for me.  I heart it.  It used to be home.  In many ways it still is.  I would rather be in Durham than almost anywhere else (St. Augustine is a close second).  I’m glad Durham is so close to Raleigh.  I can be there in 10 minutes.  Its slightly smaller and less hectic than Raleigh – I think that is one of the reasons I like it.  I think it has more character than Raleigh.  Not saying anything bad about Raleigh, just like Durham better.

4.  Some dreams are happening.  Dreams are hard.

5.  I eagerly (and sometimes bitterly) pray with hope.  Jesus is better. I heart the book of Hebrews.

Link Love:

1.  Maybe John Piper should run for president?  Good pre-rebuttal to Obama’s speech today.

2.  Such a great post by Mark Altrogge.  Needed.

3.  I heart this.  You really can learn a lot about me by reading this each week.

4.  These might be the first thing I make when I get a paycheck! 

5.  My friend Thomas White breaks into the biblical manhood discussion.  Let me tell you: he lives out what he preaches.  Thankful for his example the past 11 years.  He was my first boss at SEBTS.  He and his wife, Joy, are good friends, and am excited about how God is blessing them with their daughter Rachel and a new baby in May!

6.  Well, it is now set Sports Fans.  Steelers and the Packers.  Only reason I’m cheering for the Steelers is I think most of my friends here in RDU would disown me if I pulled against them.

Happy Monday everyone.

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    • Kim

      I’ve so gotta find somewhere to take these and take a picture of them. They look and sound amazing. Pay day on Monday!