Much and Link Love: Valentine’s Day

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I will honestly tell you in some ways this is the worst holiday: and in some ways it is the best holiday.  I’ll leave it at that.  But, today’s Much and Link Love is going to include things I love:

1.  Brad and Lindsay Weldy (and the rest of the Weldy clan) – August 24th can’t get here soon enough

2.  Phyllis and Billy Robshaw (even though its been 2 years since I’ve seen you)

3.  Pencils.

4.  Zac Brown Band

5.  Violins/Fiddles

6.  Traveling

7.  Books/Journals

8.  Pretty jewelry from Jess LC and Moon & Lola

9.  Long meals with good friends and great food.

10.  The beach.

11.  Men who have discipled me in leadership/ministry/life:  Tommy Warnock, Bobby Crum, David Sims, Brad O’Brien, Danny Franks, James Hilton, the entire Providence pastors’ team, Billy Robshaw (above mentioned and his wife is mentioned below), the SBTS SCM team of profs, the CBMW guys, Brad Weldy (mentioned above with his wife also mentioned below), David Nelson, Ken Coley.  These men have mentored me and shepherded me and befriended me all in different ways.  What I do in life would not be the same if it weren’t for them.  The ones I know most well have taught me what it is to be a godly husband, and I appreciate their modeling that and for how they love their wives.

12.  Coconut

13.  Dark Chocolate

14.  My ESV  Journaling Bible

15.  Anything pink.

16.  Pearls

17.  Jimmy Stewart

18.  Women who have poured into my life and made me who I am: Dianne Davidson, Phyllis Robshaw, Clarissa Bacon, Lindsay Weldy, Tina Wright, Elizabeth Beeler.

19.  Friends (this list is not exhaustive by any means): Welds, Rach, Wendy, Tasya, Sherri, Sarah S, Heather, Christina, Kristie, Kasey, Brit

20.  Grace

21.  Hymns

22.  My couch

23.  International Mission Trips

24.  Baby’s toes (ok, really all new born babies)

25.  The fact that I know that the Word of God will prove true in my life for the glory of God.  He will see to it.  His desire is to make much of Himself – and I get to be a part of it because of His grace.

I could go on, but those are my top 25.  Enjoy.

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  1. Christina

    Yay for friendships! Even those far apart in time and space. Love you, friend!

    • Kim

      And we have to be thankful for October, birthdays, and the Queen City!