Much and Link Love: April 11 edition

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1.  Update from last week: sleep.  Two nights in a row I got 7 hours and 5.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Praise Jesus.  That was after two nights in a row of 2 hours and 45 minutes of sleep.  So, God is gracious and sustaining!

2.  I had a fabulous weekend: beautiful weather, wonderful friends, fun time photographing, fabulous food, great sermon on baptism from Danny Akin who is the president of SEBTS, and talks with friends…

3.  How have you learned compassion in your life?

4.  This week I am living life with folks, having some conclusion meetings (from year long events), and have a full Saturday with a concert by Shane and Shane.  Can’t wait!

Link Love:

1.  I’m going to be reading this new book from Crossway.  You’ll want to get it (but watch the video here)

2.  If you can’t go to the Gospel Coalition (like I can’t), you can at least watch the main sessions here for free.

3.  Post about sharing the gospel with your young kids written by a friend of mine who serves in our children’s ministry here at PBC.

4.  I don’t like the fact that America is impacting the world in this way.

5.  Resurgence puts out some good stuff.  This is on marriage.

6.  Love and appreciate Mary Kassian – here is a good explanatory post by her.

7.  Jenna always comes up with delicious recipes.  This might be on the agenda this summer!