Much and Link Love: May 9 Edition

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Wow – long but good week.

1.  I finished writing Quarter 2 of this

2.  Then immediately I left for Louisville to celebrate him.  Such a blessing of a weekend to hang out with the Myers, the Weldys, my profs, the Jones girls, and two of these guys on this album

3.  I saw one of the prettiest sunsets in KY ever – right when we crossed into the state.  Picture coming when I get it off my camera.

4.  Celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday by hanging out with a dear family and calling my Momma.  I’ll see her in 11 days when we head off on a cruise to Alaska.  Can’t believe it is so close!

5.  Things are cranking around here for the curriculum.  Wow – God is doing some amazing things.

6.  I love road trips! 🙂

7.  Watched The Conspirator yesterday.  Very good, intense, and a little depressing.  If you have seen it – what do you think should have happened?

Link Love

1.  In honor of the Derby this past wknd (no, that’s not the reason I went to the Ville): here is the perfect recipe

2.  I’ve learned that this couple really does live out well the life of a servant-hood God glorifying marriage.

Ok – that is really all this week.  I was out for 4 days and writing much during the time I was in town.  So, enjoy the recipe and a blog post on marriage! 🙂