Book Review: Bringing the Gospel Home: Randy Newman

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remember first being introduced to Randy Newman when I worked in the college ministry at the Summit Church.  We read his book Questioning Evangelism together as a team.  It was great.  Very practical.

His new book, Bringing the Gospel Home, was similar in that it was practical and had conversations built in – so it didn’t just seem like another “how-to” evangelism plan.  I’ve learned in life that evangelism plans are maybe helpful to know, but for me, personal relationships, sharing life with non-believers (like you would for family members who aren’t believers) is the best, and hardest, way to go.

This book is engaging with Newman’s stories and illustrations.  It is helpful in just admitting the fact that living in a family with non-believers is hard.  Two personal notes: my brother was not a believer until my senior year of high school (he graduated two years ahead of me).  And through those teenage years I learned some things from him in how I lived out (or failed to live out) my Christian walk in front of him.  Also, my grandfather is not a believer.  Trying to share the gospel with someone who is not saved but who knows all your failures is tough.  Should be easy – because you get to highlight the fact that salvation is nothing you can do – but only something Christ can do.  Unfortunately, most don’t buy that.  It is TOUGH.  But, so worth it.

A great Newman sentence that brings concreteness to that last sentence: “Until our rebellion against our Creator is seen as horrific as it really is, God’s rescue out of that mess won’t seem all that great..  But, if we can find ways to drive home the audacity of our sin, the sheer gall of creatures telling their creator to buss ozz, or worse, w could set our listeners up to marvel that this same Creator chose to be our Redeemer as well.” – pg 65