Book Review: Redeeming Sociology

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I am grateful for brilliant men who teach at seminaries who write in such a way that is engaging and not so jargon-filled.  That is one of the characteristics of Redeeming Sociology by Vern Poythress (Westminster) that I enjoy the most.  Very engaging, readable, applicable, and understandable.

Poythress starts with the best premise for the book: how to look at the complexity of sociology and relationships: the WORD of GOD.  The sufficiency of all we need for how to live in right relationships with others and with God is found in the Word – God’s very breathed words of life.  Starting in Genesis and following through to the end of Revelation – the Bible is about relationship.  Relationship with God the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.  Relationship with husband and wife.  Relationship with parents and children.  Relationship with friends.  Relationships to authority.  Relationship to the world and missions, evangelism.  Poythress hits on all of these with the same guideline: the Bible has the answer.

The Gospel heals what sin has torn apart.  Relationships are hard because of sin.  God wants to bring them into harmony and that is only accomplished by the Gospel.  Similar to Paul Tripp’s book Broken-Down House, Poythress also believes that the Gospel holds the answer to what ails our relationships.

So, if you are in any relationship at all, I would suggest picking up this book.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised and how applicable it is to your daily life and ministry.