Book Review: The Deity of Christ

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I truly believe that what you BELIEVE about the deity of Christ will determine if you accurately believe the Gospel.  This book is a good start in helping understand that (outside the Bible of course).

Morgan and Peterson have put together an expert team, both of pastors and professors, who excel at knowing and studying the deity of Christ.  The most incredible chapter is the first one: The Deity of Christ Today.  This chapter could be used to lead a small group on a college campus or for a high school small group discussion in the summer.  They highlight modern films that have a portrayal of Christ and how that lines up with Scripture.  Nichols is skilled at taking the secular and helping the reader see the Christ in it (or not in it).

This book is significant in three areas:

1.  For research.  The last 17 pages are a huge asset to me, especially as I write curriculum: bibliography, subject index, and Scripture index.  So needed – thank you!

2.  For personal lordship.  Christ must be Lord of a believer’s life.  This is crucial to any understanding of salvation.  This book helps you see who Christ is so you can take the accurate, real Christ (of the Bible) and change your life to mirror HIS!  You must start with an accurate view of Christ.

3.  For missions.  I don’t know of any world religion that has a Biblically-accurate view of Christ at the center of its theology or worldview.  Many believe in Jesus – just not the Jesus of the Bible.  This book will help you, read along side Scripture, to know how to counter the views of false religions as you share Jesus with the world.

Christ is not the American Jesus.