Much and Link Love – July 25

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Wow – July is rapidly drawing to a close – but we still have one more fun-filled weekend ahead of us!

1.  Love it when late flights turn into early flights (arrival times) because of delays – but I’m equally grateful for people who are willing to sacrifice to still pick me up at 1:30 in the morning!

2.  I finished reading this book on the plane: and its great.  More on why I read it coming later in a blog review.

3.  Wedding plans are coming together.  So excited about – wish it could be here sooner!

4.  Great time in TX this wknd.  A blessing, hanging with friends, good food, and the only thing I didn’t care for about TX this time is the DOT – the roads are so bad.  Oh, well.  I now know there is a state worse than NC.

5.  Another book I’m reading: What Did You Expect by Tripp.  So good!

6.  I’m greatly anticipating this week: meetings, writings, exercising, birthday celebrating, meeting new friends, shoe shopping!


Link Love:

1.  Yum, and oh so rich!

2.  Love this by a dear friend about time organization!

3.  One of the friends I hung out with this wknd is a great photographer (and so is one of the others), but this is Kristin’s blog

4.  Pray these for yourself – and I would encourage you to have others pray them for you as well.

5.  Hmmmm….I may make this for a very important birthday dinner coming up

6.  If you are a writer, or an aspiring writer, you need to read this post from my friend Courtney.

7.  Great post on Katy Perry by Mary Kassian.

8.  What a great gift idea!