Much and Link Love: August 8

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Main thing on my mind today: 2 months till W  Day!  Yes, that’s right folks, two months from today will be the day I’ve waited a long time for – and I get to see God’s grace extended to me by marrying Mr. Eric Campbell.  Can’t wait1

1.  My dress is in – matron of honor will hopefully be heading with me on Friday to pick it up!  Woot!

2.  Many important things to be praying about: friends, babies, relationships, gospel.

3.  In two weeks, I’ll be heading to Louisville, via Cleveland TN.  Can’t wait to see friends and talk about how to connect the church and the family.

4.  Watched the Adjustment Bureau this weekend.  Except for the bad theology – it was a good movie.  But, it makes you think about what you believe the Bible says – which is good too!

5.  Watched We Are Marshall again this weekend, cry every time through the entire thing.  Such a powerful movie, want to stop by the campus one day during a drip to Louisville – may do that on this one

6.  What are some things on your bucket list?  Do you have a bucket list?

Link Love:

1.  Fiancee and I talked about Thanksgiving last night.  Then I read this blog this morning.  Makes me think.  Remember Christ!

2.  Thank you Jena for this recipe.  yummy – really good for french toast or bread pudding too!

3.  Wow – what a great blog by Stockman on everything.

4.  I love her photography.  Makes me want to be there – which is a sign of good photography!

5.  What an insightful post by Carolyn on single and married folks in the church community.

6.  This is just fun!

7.  Will be making this for an upcoming date night – with some fresh salmon!

  1. Lynne Davis

    I love the movie, We are Marshall. So inspiring. And, I’ll definitely be seeing how I can modify the bread recipe for the bread machine.