Much and Link Love: September 12 Edition

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1.  Less than 4 weeks till our wedding day!

2.  My new church family, First Baptist Church of Durham, definitely knows how to make a couple feel loved: they did a great job at showering us with love and generosity yesterday.  What a blessing.

3.  Treasuring Christ Curriculum is officially launched at Providence!  Its so neat to hear parents excited about talking with their kids about the Gospel!

4.  Football season is in full swing!  Peyton hurt, Brantley doing awesome, SEC carrying college football, its going to be a good year!  I may not watch too much of it until after the honeymoon, but that’s why I have ESPN on my phone!

5.  I am reading Bonhoeffer on my Kindle right now – excellent stuff!

6.  Got some neat opportunities for ministry (writing) this week!  Can’t wait.

7.  Going to the Aquarium this week with a great young couple of friends we love.  Next weekend: new family visit to Williamsburg – haven’t been there since I was in K – or some young age like that.  My Mom could probably scrounge up pictures!

Link Love:

1.  Lasagna without meat – sign me up right now!

2.  Love listening to Bible read aloud, quite a change from reading it.

3.  Really like Keller’s definitions here

4.  Really?  DC comics – come on?

5.  Think young kids can’t sit in “big church”?


That’s all I got time for today! 🙂 Enjoy!