Book Review: Walking in the Spirit: Kenneth Berding

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This is definitely a concept I am learning so much about as I am about to get married.  When living that closely in relationship with someone else, life has to be lived in the Spirit.  I wish I could say I’ve always thought about living in the spirit every day of my life, but I haven’t.  We get in “I can do this” mode and forget that we must engage and submit to the Spirit every moment of our livs.

Kenneth Berding has written a helpful and deliberate book to show us how to do this and what this looks like in our daily lives.  With study questions at the end of each readable, short(er) chapter, this book would be great in engaging study with a small group of women or possibly reading through it with your spouse, or maybe a teenager son or daughter during family devotions.

Berding walks through Romans 8, such a powerful chapter of the Bible, and what this Scripture passage says and what is looks like in the every-day world.  Berding not only gives great insight into the passage from a Biblical studies aspect, but also from a personal aspect – with antecdotes and personal application.

Here is one ending paragraph:

“How are your spiritual ankle muscles?  Have they atrophied due to inactivity?  It will take time to get accustomed to a moment-by-moment, day-by-day walk in the Spirit if this is not the regular pattern of your life.  But is this not what you most deeply desire?  Can you hear the Spirit calling you to journey with Him?  My prayer and hope for you is that you will respond to the Spirit’s invitation to live a life of dependence and hope and wisdom and courage and holiness and prayer…all empowered by the Holy Spirit of God.” (pg 27)

May your whole life and all your relationships look and be difference after you read this book.  May the Spirit use it mightily in your life.