Honeymoon Eats

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Well, you can’t go on a 2 week road trip and not eat – right!  And thankfully I am married to a budding-foodie (well, his wife is one, so he must be, right)!  What a great trip (and I didn’t gain a pound, ha!)

Washington-Duke: salmon blt and egg white omelette – no not in the same meal – but two of our meals while we were there.  We love eating here. 

DC: A Taste of DC where the best eat was the Wicked Waffle (or maybe the corn).   Georgetown Cupcake was a treat with a chocolate/coconut cupcake and watching them film for the new TLC series.  Eastern Market was the place for french toast and eggs and grits and great foodie finds that I couldn’t take with us. 

Old Alexandria: Bittersweet was a place for some Quills time and eating breakfast while we watched the rain fall lightly outside on the bustling streets of this shopping meca. 

NYC: Bella Blu helped us out by creating superb pasta and pizza and allowing us to eat outside (on the sidewalk) on a street in Manhattan.  What a treat!  Jalapeno gave us a great place to eat after going to the Philharmonic at Lincoln Center. 

Boston: Best crab cake sandwich at Turners.  And we just took a picture of the lobster – didn’t eat this one.

Bangor: We ate at Tim Hortons and Wendys and the restaurant in the hotel. 

PEI (Prince Edward Island): The Gahan House had spectacular fish and chips.  Cow’s Creamery was the place of two different times we had amazing ice cream cones!  Churchill Arms had some seriously good Chicken Korma which I have to learn how to make (and good fish and chips for me).  Boom Burger had the best french fries on the trip (using all local PEI ingredients for the burgers and fries and if anyone knows the pepper mix for their fry seasoning, please pass my way!)  We had breakfast every morning at our resort: Stanhope

St. Johns, New Brunswick: Billy’s Seafood had a great caesar salad and the service was nice. 

Providence Rhode Island: We ate our meals in the Renaissance thanks to a great deal we got (upgrade when we checked in – what a great husband of mine)!

Philly, PA: Best meal for me on the entire honeymoon: Bonte’ waffles (sandwich and waffle and almond chai) and we ate a philly cheesesteak on the corner from a street vendor. 

We ate McDonalds and Cracker Barrel and got some food from a grocery store.  These are the places we dined.  They are yummy.  I can’t complain.  My husband is wonderful!  I will enjoy sharing life with him!