Much and Link Love: November 7

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Good morning – well, technically it is afternoon now.

I am so glad to have the privilege to write from home now that I am married.  My church I work for has been very gracious in blessing me with that opportunity.  This morning I had to drive to Raleigh for some meetings so I had to be out of the house at the same time as my husband.  Wow – busy morning.  Not crazy, just some things didn’t get done.  So, I’m very glad for multitasking appliances, a gracious husband who doesn’t mind if all the dishes aren’t done yet, and for all the days that I don’t have to be in the office.  Thankful! 🙂

1.  Great article my friend Leah sent me over the wknd.  About women’s ministry in the local church.  I deeply resonate with this article!

2. Really loved this one too, you may want to read this one before the article in number 1.

3.  This was another powerfully written article that came to my attention this past week.

4.  How can criticism (being critical) be used in an edifying way and not take over your thoughts about given areas of life/

5.  I’ve cooked – just preparing you for blogs of recipes!  And I get to cook more this week.  I love cooking for my husband, but am also grateful for the nights when he calls and says, hey, don’t worry about dinner, we’ll go out! 🙂  Satisfaction pesto mushroom pizza.  So good.

6.  Married life is teaching me a lot!  Ok – more than a lot.  But, I LOVE IT – and but is a wrong word.

7.  Taken – the movie with Liam Neeson – really liked this suspense action movie.  Great actor as the lead.  Good story line.  Fast-paced.  Not much language – really like 10 words.  I was grateful.  Also for the price, bought it at a Blockbuster new for 2.99!  Love movie deals!

That’s about all for today! Next week, I get to go hear Mark Chanski – who wrote Womanly Dominion – very excited about that!

  1. Sarah Robbins

    I love how much I have learned in 3 years of marriage- and even more in 9 months of motherhood! God is gracious to use relationships to teach us more about himself. . .

    Are you going to hear Mark Chanski in Rocky Mount? I’m going to that, too!