Much and Link Love: November 14 Edition

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Good afternoon from a Third Place.

When I was praying with my husband this morning as he drove to a meeting, I realized just how crazy life would be for the next 10 days.  I got a little frantic.  Really, no more busy than normal – but my new normal has a home and a husband that needs daily attention.  So, that is always my first priority after my walk with God – and even if I don’t plan a lot of things in one week – somehow it gets busy.

Last night I was listening to him teach on 1 Corinthians 7 in our home group – and the question that I had previously written in the margin (love my ESV Journaling Bible) was “What is my current assignment?”  I will be writing more on that subject later when I hash it out a little more, but it has definitely changed since I got married.  Still making calendaring adjustments.  EC has been very gracious as I learn these valuable lessons.

Then I woke up earlier than the hubs this morning and wanted to share with him my dream.  I dreamed that he finally (after letting annoyance build up inside him) blurted out that he hated when I spoke in passive voice rather than using active voice.  He laughed.  He doesn’t care which voice I use.  Seriously – silly dream.  (and I do love my editor)!

So…here goes:

1.  I’ve cooked a lot this wknd, so I’ll be sharing some recipes when life slows down a bit.

2.  For the time being, we have decided to not have internet at home.  After reading a section in Danny Akin’s book God on Sex, I realized how much temptation would be in my home if we had it.  I really need it for work – but I would use it to waste time when I should be doing the laundry, reading, exercising, cooking meals, spending time with my husband.  My sin wouldn’t be to go on websites I shouldn’t be on, etc.  But my sin of wasting time would be just as bad to our marriage and our home.

3.  I get to hear Mark Chanski tonight.  Very excited as he has written Womanly Dominion and has been married for over 30 years and has been a pastor for much of that time.  Look for more on this tomorrow.

4.  My friend Leah posted on her thoughts from our wedding weekend

5.  One of the latest books I’ll get to review for Crossway is Dr. K’s book on Excellence.  Read Dr. Ashford’s interview here.

6.  I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving in Williamsburg this year.

7.  Christmas – so close, yet so far, then I’ll be really old – like 35.  Yuck – actually I love birthdays!