Much and Link Love : Thanksgiving week 2011

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No, this isn’t primarily a post on Thanksgiving – or even close.  Maybe I’ll get to that on Wednesday. 

1.  I am learning every day what it means to be my husband’s help-meet – one suitable to him and him alone.  He helps me in that endeavor.  If you are a wife: are you striving to please God by learning and studying your spouse so you can be a better helper to him?

2.  First thanksgiving to cook for the in-laws.  I’m not nervous about cooking – but I have more thoughts running around in my brain and heart.

3.  Yesterday I was thinking how my life looked so different from this time last year.  I wasn’t watching an NFL game – rushing home from church to catch kick-off.  I don’t know when I would have time to watch football now.  Life is busier.  And yes, I do miss football.  I guess some things gets pushed out for more important things.

4.  I am starting to think about my 2012 goals – not trying to overdue it, but to have achievable, specific goals – and lofty ideals that I would like to move toward.  Already I can think of my 2011 goals and how none of them came about – but something more important happened that I was unaware of when I wrote them.  I got married.  But, God’s plans are definitely better than our plans!

5.  There are many changes going in life.  At some points I do miss the familiarity of the past – but anticipate great things with the One who orchestrates everything in my life.  May I continue to walk with God like Enoch did (great sermon by my pastor, Andy Davis, here).

6.  What are you giving toward to this holiday season: charities, etc. I often feel bad for not giving to everything that rings or has signs posted when you check out.  But, I don’t think it is right that we give to every cause under the sun.  We need to be mindful and prayerful about where we spend our money. 

Links.  One general comment about some of the discussions going around blog world these days.  Why don’t we quit with semantics and agree to believe the Bible and love Jesus.  Really?

1.  Love this discussion about dad-moms (working, not working at home) between Laura Ortberg and Owen Strachan.  Provides o thought in a world that may not value the gender roles (or some aspects) that Scripture prescribes.

2.  My friend, Courtney, writes a sweet and true Thanksgiving blog from Psalm 103.

3.  Do you tend to get antsy when your schedule gets very demanding?  I know I do – even though I thrive in a season of busyness – I think I did that better before I was married.  Now, my thought is how in the world am I going to get everything done while my husband is at work so I can be able to spend time with him?  This post by Stephen Altrogge will come in handy, especially during this holiday season.

4.  I’ve been having conversations about this reality lately.

5.  How fresh do you eat?

6.  This post rang too true for me.  Another reason I really do like not having internet at home.

7.  I enjoyed going to this last Christmas, and I plan on going this year!  She has come fun gift ideas!

8.  My talented and thought-provoking friend, Rebecca, on rest. (Yes, even as a grad student).  She has always been a source of thought for me.  I can’t wait to hopefully see her in February in Savannah.


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  1. Sarah

    While I do spend a lot of time on the internet at work, I am thankful that my laptop at home does not seem to agree with our wireless system since we moved. It frustrated me at first but now I spend almost zero time on the computer at home unless I need to check something time sensitive (and borrow the husband’s laptop). It’s funny, you mentioned missing football…my football watching actually increased tremendously after I got married, ha 😉 I love that you are looking back at 2011 and while you had a set of goals in mind, you ended up getting married. Wow! What a year it has been for you 🙂

    • Kim

      That was an encouraging comment See Sarah Eat! I hope to be in the ville in April and will maybe get to hug your neck!