Books This Week:

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Since I’m actually getting opportunity to read more, I’ll probably update this little list weekly. 

1.  This Momentary Marriage: I’m really loving this book by John Piper and how it includes singleness and divorce in a book on marriage.  His reasoning: to keep us from idolizing marriage.

2.  I do…Every Day: This is a quick Kindle read that offers practicle life suggestions for newlyweds.

3.  Note to Self: Be SBTS grad Joe Thorn.  Practical book (and short daily reads) to help you know what to preach to yourself.

4.  Lit!: Helps me with all this reading.

5.  Excellence: Mostly for Christian scholarship – but trying to apply it to everyday life as well.

6.  God on Sex: this book is very practical


You may ask yourself – what about the other books that were on your list.  Still in the currently reading pile – but these on this list are what I’m concentrating on this week.