Be at Peace! Be Comforted!

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Kroger can do wonders to your mental state.  (I’m kidding, sorta).

I went to Kroger on Saturday and it was one of many items on my to-do list: including a wedding, decorating for Christmas, writing, etc.  Well, needless to say, Kroger took longer than I wanted.  There were no buggies, waiting, pride, couldn’t find items I need, so the searching began.  Tried for lower priced, so that took some time, Kroger is expensive (in my opinion). 

So, by the time I got home I literally had 1 hour to fix lunch (bring on tuna helper), take a shower, get dressed, and leave for the wedding.  It did happen, but not without a tearful conversation in the kitchen with my husband.

During our quiet time that morning (we usually have our quiet time, seperately, but next to each other on the couch), we were talking about ______ subject.  (Really, the subject isn’t important, and maybe not knowing will help you apply these truths to your personal situation).  I didn’t respond much right then but was just pensive and thinking about we went back to our reading.  Kroger was fine as well as my other errands.  But, then I came home, stood in the kitchen, waiting for the water to boil, and started sobbing.

My poor dear husband, didn’t know what in the world had brought that on?  Where did all of this come from?  (Oh, ladies, he lives out that verse very well that says live with her in an understanding way, praise the Lord!)  He took my face in his hands and said these words to me, “Be at peace!  Be comforted!”.  They were spoken soft and sweetly and were exactly what I needed to hear.  He spoke the gospel to my heart (because true peace and comfort can only come because of Jesus). 

We read this morning in Isaiah 7 (our advent reading for today) that His peace will increase.  We pondered that.  Without looking at a commentary or my Logos Bible software…here is what I took away.  Jesus is coming.  Praise the Lord.  We now live in the Jesus has come and is coming again.  His reign of peace will have no end – and actually, the deeper we go into Christ, the more peace we will know.  The song lyric from a popular Christmas carol that has stuck with me this holiday season is “the weary world rejoices”.  We are all tired, flustered, bothered by something, anxious about a given situation, in an argument at one time or another…listen to my husband… “Be at Peace”

Jesus knew that the disciples would need a comforter after He returned to the Father, so He said he would promise (and He followed through) with the Comforter – the Holy Spirit.  John 15-17 and Acts 1-2 tells us that this Holy Spirit is powerful and can do wonders in our lives for His glory.  One thing He wants to do in our lives (all of ours) is to bring us peace and bring us comfort.  There is no need to concern ourselves with things that are ultimately out of our control.  God is definitely in control of all matters.

And, I need to want to bring a comfort and peace to our home – and I’m striving for that (and failing some days).  And, my husband does a fabulous job at staying calm and bringing me peace and the gospel.

What areas of your life do you need peace in this holiday season?  Is Christ reigning in your heart – He is the one who guards your heart so you can stay at peace.

(Photo was taken last New Year’s Ever at Sip: A Wine Store in Cary, NC)