12 for Twelve

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What will this year hold?  I don’t really know, but we will see.  So, I can only make general guidelines for this year:

1.  Memorize James (E and I are working through Dr. Davis’ method of memorizing.)

2.  Study through the Psalms with Boice’s fabulous commentary.

3.  Begin to cook meat again.  I’m looking forward to trying new recipes – though I want to dig through my ever growing pile of tear outs of magazines.  Maybe get through a cookbook all the way through this year.  I love having someone to cook for.

4.  Lose weight – like I say every year.

5.  Exercise more consistently.

6.  Blog more – I love doing this!

7.  Take more photography on manual setting.

8.  See stationery with my photograph cards (see the Snail Mail Happies tab at the top)

9.  Love my husband more and better and less selfishly.  This will definitely be the biggest area of sanctification in my life!

10.  Travel!

11.  Love my home more: be more in my home and hospitable.

12.  Read more: can’t wait.  I love to read – and actually feel like I have more time to read now that I’m not watching tv all the time!