Much and Link Love – January 23

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I think 90% of all the posts I read today or over the weekend was about Joe Paterno, abortion, or the election.  Sometimes, I’d like to read something different – that’s what I often turn to Abraham Piper for something out of the ordinary.

Our friends got engaged yesterday.  Sweet time.

I have had really nothing to blog about – that’s why its been quiet.  If you want to know what’s been on my mind: here you go:


My husband – we spent a great weekend in the mountains only to have to return on Saturday night.  Why do vacations have to end?


Obeying Scripture even when its hard


My Mom

The future

And God has all of that taken care of.  I don’t need to stress about it. 

I finished a couple of library books this weekend, so thankful for the library for those books I want to speed read.  This week is full of meetings, group meetings, cooking, and hanging out with folks.  Sometimes though I just want to stay home and be comfortable!

These looked yummy for breakfast – and they are healthy.  Will maybe try them out.