Two New Journeys

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There is some exciting news in the Campbell home to share:

1.  As of mid-April I will be a stay at home wife.  This decision was made with prayer, wisdom, seeking advice, and just knowing that it is time.  My job, which I love, as a writer of curriculum for a local church, was demanding in the deadlines.  It has been a wonderful two years of launching Treasuring Christ with a group of great people at Providence.  But, now is the time to call working for others quits.  I will be grateful for time to spend in quietness and reading and also planning meals, cooking more, cleaning the house better, serving my husband, discipling girls, showing hospitality!

2.  The other piece of exciting news is the main force that prompted #1: E and I are expecting!  That is right…there is a little baby growing in my uterus right now.  Seems kinda strange – but it is a miracle from God the beautiful Creator.  This first trimester has been one in teaching me faith and sharing in this journey with my wonderful husband who will get me pb toast at 3am.  Blessed man! 🙂  He has dealt with having clothes that lay un ironed for weeks on end and a kitchen that’s not spotless!

Before I was married I would have said that I would have liked to have stayed working, thinking it was possible.  Then as a mother, sure, I know others who do it, why can’t I?  But, (actually I’m sitting in the same coffee shop that E and I had that first conversation about this subject less than a year ago) I could dream of not doing what I do.  Now with many changes, the Lord has pried my hands off of this and giving me something so precious: a husband, a baby, and a home to care for.  I need more sleep than 6 hours, I multitask, I don’t want others having the main influence of my child during most days of the week (at least in the preschool years, since we haven’t fully decided on schooling yet), and I don’t have more than 24 hours in the days to care for my husband, cook meals, clean the home, sleep, care for myself, and care for a baby.  Sorry – I’m not that skilled.  I know others do it and as a wise woman told me about a decade ago: its all about priorities.  A wife’s main priority is her husband, home, and children.  If you can work outside the home and keep those as a main priority without them suffering, then do as the Lord leads.  But, like I said, I’m not that skilled. 

So, I have some books in my head, some blogposts that desperately need writing, and it will be nice to freelance and speak more because I’m not writing on someone else’swork schedule (though I know a baby and husband have their own schedules)!


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  1. Leah Finn

    Thrilled beyond measure for both of these decisions, my friend. I think you will love and treasure the time at home without work pressures before baby arrives (and after as well!). Rejoicing with you!

  2. Heather Hardwick

    Both Billy & I praying for you, Eric, & your precious little one. We’re excited for your family. Recently I sensed from the Holy Spirit that a little one would be blessing you & Eric. I hope you’re pregnancy so far hasn’t made you too sick. Enjoy the “nesting” time of pregnancy! It’s fun.

  3. Averi

    Kim, Thrilled to see what the Lord is leading you to do as a wife and mother. I cannot wait to see you soon and I’m praying for your health and for the baby. Thank you always for your words and I praise God that He uses your faith, walk, and journey to spur me on toward being Christ-like. Love!

  4. Gayle Fee

    So happy for you Kim! You will make a GREAT mom!!! Being home with one’s family in my opinion is the most rewarding and challenging career choices one can make! Praying for you!

  5. Cathy M

    You will never regret being home for your child, especially in the early years. Congratulations!

  6. Anne Basden

    Hey sweetie. How exciting. I know when I was able to stay home and teach from home until Katie was in school was such a blessing. It had its trying times… financially, not feeling appreciated, blah, blah blah (self-centered issues) but I am so happy I was able to bee there for my family. My children tell me often how they loved having me around to talk to and play, cook, do music, etc… with. I was able to be involved in their school activities. The blessings are too numerous to mention. Take care of yourself and we’ll get together soon the stronger I get. 7 weeks after knee surgery and beginning to drive…

  7. laura d

    What a gift. I’m thinking back to how many times David & I prayed that God would set you in a home…as wife and mother. Giving thanks for this new season!

  8. sharon starling (Mom 2)

    Oh Kim, I am so excited for you and Eric!! You are using wisdom choosing to stay home. I’ve “been there done that”
    and still have such fond memories with my son Kevin (now 40+). God will continue using you in your talents/abilities in HIS timing…. HE is in control.
    Love you much….keep me posted on your health. That morning sickness can be a big pain…I think Dr. has medication doesn’t he?
    Love you SO MUCH!

  9. Z

    Awesome! I’m so tickled that E is going to be a Daddy. You are a such a blessing, Girl!

  10. Ruth

    Hey, Kimberly, I noticed your news of expecting…happy for you and wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading this post…amazing how your life changes with marriage and with motherhood! Congratulations on your marriage and on expecting!
    Ruth Harlow

    • Kimberly

      Very exciting! We will hopefully find out soon what we are having!