Reading Update Qtr 2012.1

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I was asked to post my reading list and then what I am currently reading (I just thought I’d throw that in as a bonus), so here goes.  This is what I’ve read so far in 2012:

Lit! by Tony Reinke – this was a Crossway book review book and I enjoyed it all.  Very strategic and is probably helping with my reading this year.  And I even was informed of a book that will be great for my husband as a gift.

Healthy Pregnancy Over 35 by Laura Goetzl- this book was helpful as a started this new journey into motherhood, especially that I’m “old” (in maternal years)

You’ll Lose the Baby Weight by Meehan – I liked this book purely for the sarcastic and humoristic nature of it.  Helped me make it through the hardest weeks of the first trimester

Walking in the Spirit by Berding – this was also a Crossway book review book and went through Romans 8.  Very helpful to the Christian life, short read, and one I need to remember more of daily as I walk through this life.

A Tailor Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer – this was a free kindle read fiction, so I didn’t lose anything.  It was ok.

A Promise to Remember by Cushman – another free kindle fiction read – better than the first.

It Happens Every Spring by Gary Chapman and Catherine Palmer – a fiction book, kindle read, good, had some good application for perseverence in marriage.

The Shunning by Beverly Lewis – the first in a series – very good, quick read.

The Confession by Beverly Lewis – I had to keep reading!

The Reckoning by Beverly Lewis – good, predictable (somewhat) end of the series

Husband-Coached Childbirth by Bradley – helped me understand what might be coming by the end of summer.

Family Meal by Tyler Florence – I borrowed this one but would love to have it if anyone just wants to buy me something.  I love reading cookbooks and I love Tyler Florence.  Can’t wait to enjoy some of the recipes!

New Mom’s Survival Guide by Wider – this was helpful to know what was coming after the birth, man and to think this process is a joy! 🙂  (hint:sarcasm)

So I guess that makes 13 so far this year and here is what I’m reading now:

Psalms 1-41 by J P Boice (as a help with my quiet time)

What Did You Expect by Tripp – still working through this as its a great marriage book

Love That Lasts by Gary and Betsy Ricucci – E and I are reading this together aloud for car rides and date nights – love it.  Very practical.  One of my fave marriage books EVER!

Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller – we were going through this as a small group, but the group had to take a break, so we’ll resume this soon hopefully!  It is very thick, but good, Keller writing

Warfield on the Christian Life by Zaspel – this is my latest Crossway book review book and I look forward to reading something outside of the 21st Century!

Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor by D A Carson – this is a biography on his father, Tom Carson, and I am learning much (as I usually do by Christians who have run the race well)

Loving the Way Jesus Loves by Phil Ryken – I am still working through this Crossway book review from last month.  Very hard read (because it is so convicting), but very pastoral as well.

On my kindle:

The Praying Life by Paul Miller – this was a highly recommended book that I hope to finish next week while in Louisville

The Blue Castle by LMM – I look forward to reading this next week as well while I sit in some fun places in my old stomping ground.


There you have it.  Besides the Twilight saga and the hunger Games, what else should I be reading?

  1. Leah Finn

    I bet I can guess which book Lit! recommended for Eric:-)

    For light, diverting, encouraging reading, I would recommend the Mitford series by Jan Karon. I put off reading them because I am *cough* not a huge fan of Christian fiction. However, after I had Georgia I was desperate for something easy to read and uplifting (I mistakenly picked up a book about a baby with disease/condition–I couldn’t read it for the tears!). I started with At Home at Mitford begrudgingly, and ended up loving the entire series. It will make you laugh and smile and reflect as you recognize the joys and struggles of a pastor. I have a couple in the series if you are ever interested.