Test Taking

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Tomorrow is a big day.  I feel like I’ve felt like Annie singing “Tomorrow, tomorrow” or how about the little girl in You’ve Got Mail when she sings it which is doubly as cute, but three times as annoying!

Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for for definitely more than a month, but at least 3 weeks since we got this appointment made.  What is going on?  Our big ultrasound.  Here are some hints to how to survive this evening:

1.  Eat Peep Smores.  I’m so glad its around Easter and these little sugary gems are abundant in the grocery store.  I don’t like them by themselves, but ever since I was invited to a Peep’s Party as one of the females on staff at Providence, I’ve enjoyed them.  And adding more sugary to already yummy smores – what could be better?

2.  Popcorn and a movie.  A comedy – with no baby mishaps or miscarriages or baby deaths in it – one that we can laugh at it and enjoy – don’t know what it will be yet, but I’m sure we will find one.  And at least for movies: it is very difficult for me to watch one without popcorn!

3.  Reading.  I won’t be reading any pregnancy “what to expect” books, I’ve already done all of that up until this point, but E and I will be reading some Psalms that are encouraging and reassuring of God’s faithfulness.  We did this the night we found out we were going to need to have this ultrasound and then I cried myself to sleep.  I won’t be crying myself sleep tonight like I did that night, but instead, I plan on hopefully sleeping well and waking rested to enjoy an ultrasound.

4.  Praying.  This has really been a time of fruitfulness in prayer in this area.  Anxiousness and worrying is not according to God’s wonderful plan for our lives (or our baby’s life) so we could either choose to live in sin or we could hand over those cares and concerns to a God who knows already what we need, what we’ll have, and if the baby will be healthy or not.  We can do nothing to change what He has already done (Psalm 139).

5.  Community.  I have some close friends who I’ve shared specifics to and some others who have asked for specific prayer requests for tomorrow and even more who may be acquaintances but who are very excited to find out what sex Baby Campbell is.  I am so thankful for these friends who share this burden with us.  They are God-given and an amazing support system.  Community is so important when you are going through something important and you need people to walk through it with you.  I remember breakfast with a sweet couple the morning we had our doctor’s appt.  Just being able to share our burden with them and have them pray for baby C right then in Panera was a blessing to both E and me. 

6.  Faith.  Not faith in “everything’s going to work out fine” but faith in a God who works all things together for my good, knows our needs before we even ask them, is in charge of the whole universe and the health and sex of our baby, faith that that God has already given us everything we need in Jesus, so He will also graciously give us all things for His glory (Romans 8:32).

7.  Joy in the suffering.  The last three weeks have taught me many things about doubt and uncertainty.  It has also taught me that I’m impatient, but that’s beside the point.  It is ok to cry.  It is ok to share what your thoughts are.  But, what is needed at the end of the day is the total assurance that God is in control, He loves me, God is for me so who can be against me or my husband, or our child.

8.  Caffeine.  I will be drinking it in the morning to get Baby Campbell awake and moving so our baby cooperates with the little wand and cold gel.  No number two pencils needed. 


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  1. Leah Finn

    Love you, my friend, and joining you in fervent prayer.

    Funny movie–have you seen the new Muppet movie? I found it highly funny…but I’m kinda wired that way 🙂

    • Kimberly

      haven’t seen it – maybe I’ll check the red box for that or other comedies! Thank you for praying sweet friend – just think – besides my husband, you get to meet this little person first lord willing (well, besides me)! 🙂

  2. Lynne Davis

    I understand exactly how you are feeling now and I am praying for you. My OB/GYN said that these types of anticipation just make you a real mommy that much sooner. Baby Campbell is loved and is wonderfully made!

  3. Frank Ferrell

    Kim, God has allowed you to live a unique life; one marked by patience and steadfastness. Marriage and family is not the reversal of that, but the addition to that. I know that tomorrow’s results weigh heavy on our minds, and Christ is most certainly aware of the way you both feel, but personally I see this an another opportunity to look the unknown in the eye and walk by faith – as has been the pattern of your life. The test isn’t on baby Campbell, it’s on mommy and daddy Campbell. Kasey loves, respects and values no other friend more than you. Thank you for being God’s picture of preservence and endurance.

    Much love and many prayers for you all from the Ferrell’s.

    • Kimberly

      Frank – thank you! This reply means much to me – and you are right in so many ways!