Why Do We Write?

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I am sitting here in Louisville, KY chilling while my husband attends the T4G gospel.  While I was waiting for my dinner, I picked up the April edition of The Towers, which is a SBTS publication.  Marvin Olaski, who is the editor-in-chief of World magazine gave an interview in 2009, and here was one of the questions/responses:

Q: How would you define Christian journalism?

A: “There is room to cover church activities and informational things, but in a way that is more public relations than journalism, but I think Christian journalism should be biblically objective journalism.  Our goal is to read the Bible and see the way God’s writers perceive things and then try to go and do likewise.  So, when we send reporters out to do news, the idea is to try to think through how one of God’s inspired writers might cover it.  None of us is inspired and we have limitations, nevertheless we’re not just trying to present a Republican view, a Democratic view, a liberal view or a conservative view, we are trying, as best we can, to present God’s ideal and I hope we approach that with humility or else we’re in trouble.  But nevertheless, that’s our goal: biblical objectivity and that is the only objectivity there is.”

I took a class my senior year of high school that was called “Biblical Worldview” and I think this class started me on a trajectory (to use one of my husband’s favorite words) down a road where I tried to examine what I see, here, and intake by the lens of the Bible.  Whether it is country music, news articles on sports, church happenings, discussions with friends, etc: this is what I’m called to do as a writer (no matter how poorly I write).

Why do you write?  How do you see the world?