Platt’s Gospel Bomb at T4G

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I was unable to be at this particular session of T4G, but as I was following it on twitter from SBTS, that was all anyone could talk about.  So, I’m listening to it now, and here are my thoughts:

Sovereignty and missions can go (or should I sayhave to go) together.  Anyone who says (or any denomination that says) that missions and evangelism can’t be mixed with a person who totally believes in the sovereignty of God over all things.  I would say that you can’t biblically do missions if you don’t believe in the sovereignty of God over all things.  I am not saying anything more than that.  Something is amiss if you don’t have an accurate view of God’s sovereignty in all things – and if you are trying to do missions and evangelism without this belief – it is highly difficult to get right.

Local Ministry and Local Mission are Totally Necessary, Global Missions is Tragically Neglected, Pastors have the privilege and responsibility of leading the way in missions – these are his three premises.  The bedrock of all of these things is a FIRM belief in the sovereignty of God.

Revelation 5 – he then reads it.  He really needed no other evidence.  He could have stopped there (as a friend said the morning after Platt spoke).  (Side note: the first time I heard him live in SBTS chapel he quoted Romans 1-10:1 and that was the best chapel, one of the best church corporate gatherings I’ve ever been to – the power of the Word.)

“God holds the destiny of the world in the palm of His hand.”  Who are we to think that we can change the minds of men apart from the work of the Holy Spirit?  Who are we to think that we can do anything to change the eternal life of people without the working of God in their lives?

“We don’t have any rights.”  We have no rights as anything.  God has all the rights as the sovereign God over all things in the universe. 

“God does not NEED us.” – He involves in His sovereign design because He loves us, not because He needs us.

“The state of man before God apart from Christ is utterly hopeless.”  This is taken from Rev 5 but oh so many other places in Scripture.  And I have to say this is one belief I see in relationships with family members and friends and in our presidential nominees. This is the truth folks.  The Bible is the final ANSWER because it is the very words of God.  No one can tell us differently and stand on judgment day.

“The greatest news in all the world is that the slaughtered Lamb of God rules as the Sovereign Lord of all.” – Again, taken from Rev 5.  He is our hope.  He is our goal.  He is our end.

“Teach your people to pray passionately for the nations.”  God hears our prayers and has saved people from every nation in the world. 

“Do you take time in your preaching each year to preach about missions?” – This is for pastors, but can be relevant for all of us.  Pastors – do you preach to us your congregation more than 5 times a year on the mission to the people of the world?  As SBCers we usually preach about missions in December (because of Lottie Moon), around Easter (because of Annie Armstrong), and maybe one or two other mentions (especially if we have a global missions conference or something).  This isn’t enough.  Its not enough to just mention it as an announcement at the end of the service or as a mention in the bulletin that only 2% of your congregation reads.  Do we as Christians talk about very much? 

Strong sermon on missions.  How will it impact us?