June Reading List

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Another month, another stack of books.  I always overshoot my reading abilities and time, but I’d rather do that than not be ambitious and then only get one – or none – read.  With hub’s schedule this week I’ll have some evening to do some reading.  And I have 20 hours in a car this month just counting one trip so I hope I can get some reading done then as well.

Here we go.  You will see some similarities from last month.

Loving the Way Jesus Loves – Philip Ryken – Yes, I’m still reading this one.

From One Ministry Wife to Another – Susie Hawkins –

What Did You Expect – Paul Tripp – I’ve been reading this one for a while, hopefully I’ll polish it off this month – great book

Parenting by God’s Promises – Joel Beeke – liking prinicples of it, not necessarily agreeing with all the underlying theology

Bake in the Day Bakery Cookbook – Cheryl and Griffith Day – I love reading cookbooks and this one is no different.  Cookbooks are about three things for me: writing, food, and photos.  For it to be a good cookbook, all three have to be present.

Boyhood and Beyond – Bob Schulz – still praying through this one for Baby Campbell

Letting Go of Perfect – Amy Spiegel – This will be a great read because I’m always striving to live up to unrealistic expectations.

A Woman’s Wisdom – Lydia Brownback – I’m looking forward to finishing this before TGC’s Women’s Conference later this month.  She is speaking and leading a publishing forum.  Brilliant.

Girl Meets God – Lauren Winner – Autobiography for the month.

So, this month I have:

1 Autobiography

3 Christian Living

1 Cookbook

3 Parenting/Marriage


That’s a good spectrum for me.  Now…gotta get to reading.