Book Review: Letting Go of Perfect (Amy Spiegel)

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This book, Amy’s first one that has just hit the presses, is one that every woman could read and obtain laughter, wisdom, and gospel implication…no matter what stage of life she is in.  Usually you can’t say that about women’s books: they are geared toward one woman or another: wife, mom, empty nester, single, divorcee, etc.  But, even though Amy is married, you can take all of her experiences and apply the gospel truths she illustrates to your life.

There will be a longer, more detailed review of this book coming up in the fall edition of the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, but until then take hold of some of these favorite quotes from her.  See if you find yourself trying to set a standard of perfection (that is based on others around you) instead of living by grace in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Choosing what I will and won’t wear is as much about living up to my responsibilities to myself and my fellow womankind as it is about showing consideration to my brothers.  I have a responsibility not to create a competitive or hostile environment for my fellow females.” (pg 28-29)