“But, God?…”

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The title is to be said in your best whiny voice possible, maybe even shed a few tears or throw a temper tantrum.

Yesterday, while finishing up Amy Spiegel’s book Letting Go of Perfect, I came across a familiar passage of Scripture that speaks of Moses hitting a rock to get the water to pour out of it.  That seems a little strange yes, a rock giving life-supporting water?  But, that is what he did.  And it gave water, it just wasn’t how God had commanded him to do it. 

Moses was a good man, he was faithful, he led God’s people out of Egypt, most of the time he was bold and courageous, he believed God.  Yet one “small”  mistake kept him from the greatest opportunity of his life, the greatest reward – the Promised Land.  All God let him do was see it – to dangle it in front of him.

As I was reading this and explained it to my sweet hubs, I started crying.  Why would God do that?  I mean, it was just one small mistake.  I wonder if Moses stayed awake at night contemplating the goodness of God when He didn’t allow him to enter the land that had been promised to His people.  I wonder if he pleaded with God to release him from this punishment or if he took it like a man?

But, in light of God’s holiness – this punishment was actually an act of mercy.  When Moses disobeyed God’s command and struck the rock, God could have easily and righteously struck him dead right then.  God didn’t need Moses to finish the work that God wanted to do.  No, God commanded His people to be holy, and no matter how much good Moses did, he still sinned against a holy God.

Do we grumble and complain against the Lord’s chastisement on us or do we look upon any correction that He brings our way as an act of mercy? 

And you know, as look further into the line of history, we see that Moses may not have been able to see the Promised Land, but, as we read in Mark 9, Moses got to see the glory of the Son of God, Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration.  Moses will still get his great reward: (see Hebrews 11:39-40).

Here is the takeaway from this little devotional:

1.  Do we think we are good enough to not deserve punishment from a holy God?

2.  Do we accept the consequences of our actions?

3.  When we do get chastised/disciplined do we look at it as a loving gesture from a good heavenly Father and one of mercy?

4.  Do we see our reward not here on earth but are we awaiting something Better?