31Days: New Feet – Day 4

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Our sweet baby was born 15 days ago.  One of the verses we prayed for him all during the pregnancy was Psalm 139 – that God formed Elijah’s inmost parts.  This definitely includes his feet!

When he came out and was taking his footprints we noticed two things about them:

1.  His feet were really long.  They barely fit on the print card.  He will have big feet and its ok with us!

2.  His 2nd and 3rd toe are webbed.  It is a variation in who he is.

I had a bright light moment yesterday.  God made those webbed long feet and they are perfect because God created them that way.  We are still deciding if we are going to “fix” them or not – but we shall see.

God made him and he is good!

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  1. Rachel

    I have a webbed 2nd and 3rd toe on my left foot. It’s just a unique thing about me that makes me different from others and I love it. Unfortunately, it hasn’t made me a better swimmer . . . .