31Days: New Zip Code (10 and 11)

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Good morning from 72211.  That’s right folks – we are mostly settled in to our new zip code.

I have already found the Kohls, Goodwill, Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, good BBQ place (Whole Hog), great Mexican place (Senor Tequila), and a fabulous date place (Brave New).

I’ve already made one trip to the airport but took two wrong turns, thankfully my friend didn’t miss her flight!  The little man is settling into his new digs and sleeping about 3-4 hour stints at night and The Lord is gracious to uphold us with little bouts of sleep instead of one long one.

I would love to tell you about the trails and hiking which we have around us because it is the perfect weather for it right now, but I am still in my post-delivery pain and haven’t ventured to walking yet (unless you count walking around Target).

So far we are really loving out new zip code and look forward to many more adventures in it.  We take our first road trip today so be on the look out for that new adventure tomorrow on the blog!

  1. Becky Arnold

    We are so excited that you guys are here and ready for your adventure! God has been kind to us to bring you to BCLR. Praying for you and the little one as you go on retreat and then continue to adjust to new surroundings, people, and events. Hope to get to visit with you soon in person.