31Days: New Birchbox (16)

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I heard about Birchbox on The Small Things Blog and was intrigued, especially because I was about to be not-pregnant and wanted to do more with my hair and makeup and style.  Something new!

You have to wait for an invitation so I waited and it finally arrived, shortly after we arrived in LR.  Here is my first box:

Luna Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar: These were not new to me.  I ate them some (lemon, oh so yummy) when I was running a lot when I lived in Louisville or the early days back in Raleigh.  The texture is good, taste is good (not at good as Reece’s though) and I gave the rest to my hubs.

Viva La Juicy Le Fleur Couture perfume: I love trial sizes of perfume.  It allows you to try it without buying a whole bottle – then maybe not liking it.  My hubs is always the deciding factor on the perfume I wear…he said this was “I like it.” – Not too convincing, but I’ll keep it.  It was light – not too strong.

Vitivia: These are colorful fun vitamins that you break open and use on your skin.  Can’t we all use better skin? Especially as fall comes and we get into a new season – we need to thik about changing up our skincare.  The good thing about this line is it tells you when to use these vitamins for the best results.  Especially for non-vitamin skincare users like me.

Jouer Lip Enhancer: I tried this on yesterday and liked how it wasn’t gloopy or sticky.  This takes time to see how it enhances – but it would also work well as a lipgloss with no color.

Mary-Lou Manizer Balm: I’ve never used a highlighing balm – but as I age and have more wrinkles and more dull facial skin in general – I need to start experimenting with these.

And that is one of my main reasons for gettin Birchbox – more fun things to experiment with!