31Days: New Encouragement (day 25)

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I love a husband who encourages me!  Shouldn’t all husbands do that?  I got a good one!

We were driving to our date location and I just started rattling off talking a million miles a minute.

What was I talking about – another writing goal.

We studied the book of James together until August.  it was such a good time for us in the word.  So, I was telling him again of my desire to write a Bible study based on my studies.  And how I was going to do it.  NaNoWriMo is coming up in November.  That’s where you purpose (goal, intend) to write 50k words of a book – not edit or anything else, just write.  So, that is what I’m going to do.  It is only about 1300 words a day.  And yes, I do believe i may be crazy for trying to do it with a newborn, but if writing a book is one of my dreams then I gotta start somewhere.

So, what did my husband do?  He didn’t say I was crazy or ask me what was I thinking.  No.  He took my hand and said “that’s great honey.  I think it will be a blessing to those who read it.”

Thanks for your encouragement, Love.