31Days: New Mountains (27)

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Yesterday our little family took a nine hour road trip (round trip) up into the northern part of our new state through some backroads.  We had been told that one little highway was a gorgeous scenic view in the fall.

We made little stops along the way and saw the beauty of the Ozarks.  We passed through towns of Booger Hollow, Chigger Hollow, Pickles Gap, and more.  We stopped at a little store called Nellie’s Crafts and Quilts.  we left disappointed because though they indeed sold jams and jellies like their sign advertised, it wasn’t homemade like we had thought it might be.

Little buddy did great as he loves being in his carseat as long as we were moving.  We hiked the Alum Springs Natural Bridge.  We got a snack at Subway in Harrison right past the Buffalo River.  And we ate at David’s Burgers (a small chain burger place) on the way out to Hwy 7.

So, while I can’t really say it was the Blue Ridge Parkway of AR – it was God’s beautiful creation and we got to hang out all day.  And there is a little B&B that overlooks the entire valley that I hope we get to go back to some day.