James Day 2: Our Completion in Christ

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Based on James 1:2-4

Here is where the Gospel comes in to this section on trials: God has already made us complete.  We live in a world of the already but not yet.  Let me explain.  If we are IN Christ, then we are ALREADY made perfect because of the completed work of Christ on the cross.  Now, even though are already perfect, we still live in this world where sin abounds.  We live in the NOT YET.  His plan is making us ready for the day that He will bring everything under subjection to Himself and we be completely sanctified (Colossians 1:19-23).  God is for us in that He has already provided our Sanctification – He has already made us perfect.  Jesus’ blood that was shed on the cross for us has already declared us righteous (perfect) before God the Father.  That is why it was Jesus who had to die.  He was the only God-Man who was perfect in everything.  He was the only one who could pay the debt and make us perfect.  The imputation of Christ’s righteousness means that through Christ’s death on the cross, sinners who believe by grace through faith are given Christ’s righteousness, His perfection.  We stand before God the Father as though we had never sinned. 

There should be great hope in that.  Even though we may never handle the trials of life perfectly, and we may sin every day and strive for perfection – we are already made perfect in Christ.  Let that position, the indicative (what already is) determine how you live your life from the day to day.  Our perfection in Christ should cause us to dwell more richly on His grace and strive for a lifestyle and a heart-style that will please our Father.  We don’t have to keep striving to be complete?  There is nothing in this word that will make us more complete than we are right now (not a husband, a better job, more money, a more influential ministry, not being skinnier, nothing).