Sneak Peak at 2013

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Life is a Bowl of Crayons

I don’t know why we bother with New Years resolutions, but I wanted to put in a little plug for goals and areas of my life.  I hope you have had a wonderful 2012 and sorry for the lack of posts in Nov and Dec.  We’ve been sick, busy, moving, tired, etc.  I’ve wanted to do mindless things, so we’ve watched a lot of NCIS and played Candy Crush!

My word of the year: HOME.  I’ll be taking pictures of our new home, I want to help Little Rock and BCLR be home for us, and I want to always focus on this world is not my home.


1.  Continue family devotions which consist of reading one story out of the Jesus Storybook Bible on Sunday nights.

2.  We move!  January 5 is moving day.  Only .7 miles away this time!

3.  Some are asking if we want more children.  Of course we do!  We will see if that is in the Lord’s plans for 2013.  Until then, we enjoy a bright-eyed curious little boy named Elijah!


1.  I am attending my first photography workshop hosted in Ft. Worth, TX by some sweet friends called The Little Things.  I look forward to this time of learning and fun.  And thankful for my husband for sending me/keeping e and my mom for the Vday gift in sending me!

2.  I am hoping kd316 will have an Etsy page soon so that I can sell my notecards/photography.

3.  I will continue to be a contributor to the Our Single Purpose blog.  We are tackling several series this year, so head on over and check it out.

4.  I will continue to write my James Bible study.  I started writing it then got sick. Didn’t mean to not return, so I need to get back on it!


1.  Everyone takes this time to make healthy resolutions.  Mine this year is tri-fold:

a.  Lose the baby weight.  There is a lot to lose and I need it gone!

b.  To cut out some of the sugar and sodas I’ve been digesting.  Not entirely, just lessening how many I partake of!

c.  Eat more fruits and vegetables and get little guy into them too!

2.  Exercise more.  Now that I have a carrier it will be easy to have little guy on me.  Also, enjoy the walks with E three times a week.  I may do a 5k this year, but my knees haven’t been the same since pregnancy.  Get back into yoga/pilates.  I need to strengthen that core again and I can do a plank but not some of the deeper lunges.


1.  Doing the Made to Crave reading plan on YouVersion for three weeks.  Then I will be transitioning into studying Psalm 119 in 2013.  I look forward to seeing how that psalm transforms my heart.

2.  I will be doing a Colossians inductive study with some ladies at my church.  I look forward to knowing this book better and getting to know the ladies at our church better too.

3.  Going to The Gospel Coalition in April in Orlando.  E and I are looking forward to with our pastoral staff at BCLR.  My folks are keeping the little guy so we will have 2.5 days of being baby free!  We look forward to worshipping together and listening to sermons together.  My husband is a worship pastor so I seldom get to sing next to him.

Happy 2013 everyone! How will you COLOR your 2013?