Prayers for Our Children

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This past week I did a lot of driving as I was back and forth the length of I-4 in Florida.  This provided me time to listen to Z88.  I was listening to a Mark Schultz song and after sobbing, swo=iping tears, trying not to wreck due to my blurred vision through tears, I prayed aloud these three things for my son who was in the back seat.

1.  I want him to know and love God.

As I read, pray through, and study Psalm 119 this year, I am seeing a lot of cohesiveness between knowing the truths of God and trusting them and being blessed by them.  In John’s gospel, Jesus says that His sheep know His voice and elsewhere in Scripture God says that if we love God we will obey His commands (and we have to know them to obey them).  I don’t really knnnowhich comes first: the knowing or the loving.  Either way, we would not seek to know this love or know the Lover if the Lover had not first loved us.  All of this life and a relationship with Him is because of grace.  We know HIm because He has revealed Himself to us (Psalm 19, Gen 1, Rom 1, Rom 8).  We love Him because He first loved us (1 John 1)  We, as sinners, do not freely choose to love.  But, I pray, that God in His foreknowledge, has predestined my Son to be His (Eph 1).  Mister and I will raise our son (and any future children we might have if  the Lord wills) in light of this (Prov 22.6, Deut 6).  But, in the grand scheme of things, God has made the decision and knows if our son is one of His.  We will see in time if Little Mister desires the things of God and runs hard after Jesus – knowing and loving Him.

2.  I want him to love and be loved.

I want Little Buddy to know what it means to be loved and to love deeply.  Is there pain in doing that?  Yes!  But you see and experience the world in a much brighter and better way  when you know you are loved unconditionally and you are able to love to your fullest measure with one person.  Do I know if it is in God’s plans for the LB to be married one day and have children of his own?  No.  But, again, we trust in God’s perfect plan and we will strive to raise him in such a manner that he will make a great husband and father one day.  And if he is never married, then those traits will be good of a man of God!

3.  I want him to see and change the world!

One of the bestEST aspects of my time being single (the other one is discipling many girls and living life with them) was the fact that I got to travel a TON!  I was usually travling on my day off, weekends, or weeks or mission trips.  I loved the freedom God allowed me so much time being single so I could see more of the world  He created.  That is one thing that the Mister and I love doing together – traveling.  It started in our courtship and continued to our honeymoon (a two week, two country road trip) and continues now.  I want LB to love to be in the car, plane, or train or boat or rikshaw or what have you! I want him to see God’s beauty in the Rockies or in Alaska or in Thailand or in Mexico or in NYC or in PEI or in China or in South America or in South Africa.  I want him to know the beauty of sunsets and sunrices on every continent and in many different time zones.  I want him to see the waves from every ocean that is on the face of the earth.  I want him to go in search of wonder and explore all that God has created.  I want him to go and learn to love cultures of every kind and see the beauty and diversity that God has filled this earth – and that seeing those sites would cause him to yearn for heaven.  I want him to desire the nations for the glory of God.

What are your prayers for your children?