Dream Living

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I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming lately and living in reality.  So, I was thinking of how the two of these can live in harmony with each other.

My dreams are just those: dreams.  I have many ideas in my head and I want to see them come to fruition and be reality.  Some of my dreams include: cards, books, clothes, stages.  There are a lot of specifics behind those very vague dreams, but know some of them are just tucked away.

But how do I examine these dreams in light of my current reality – which I love?

1.  Live during today.  Don’t dream away your reality.  I love giving kisses to my 4mo little boy.  I love cooking meals for my husband.  I love making our house a home.  I love shooting photos with my iphone and my Rebel.  I love sitting on my red couch and hearing the giggles of Little Buddy.  I love getting to know our church family and practicing hospitality at Rainwood.  But, I dream in the quiet times of the day.

2.  Journal.  I have a whole box full of journals that need to be used up.  I’m doing better at it.  I need to write down my dreams and what I want to do with them.  For me, I’m not too specific because I think that would be discouraging.  But I put down just enough info or sketch just enough to bring a little life to those dreams.

3.  Pray.  A lyric of a hymn says this about discouragement “take it to The Lord in prayer.”  That is my husband and I have been doing.  Taking some of these ideas to The Lord and seeing what He will do with them.  He knows the every minutes of your day and of your life.  He knows what you were designed and called to do (Eph 2.10).  He will make it clear and He does care.

4.  Examine.  Why do you want to do those dreams that you are dreaming?  Are they for your glory?  Are they for His?  Are they for your good or the benefit of others?  Some dreams will just be for you – but others will be designed to benefit others.

5.  Accomplish.  While not neglecting your tasks that you need to accomplish today (housework, caring for your family, working, taking care of your body, time in the Word, etc), then make those dreams a reality.  See if God will accomplish great things through for His name and glory.  Design little girl’s dresses like a friend of mine did, shoot photography for a living like other friend’s of mine have done and are doing, whatever it is – work, as unto The Lord, not unto men.

What is in your head and in your heart?  How do you dream big?  How do you live off paper?