Reading in 2013

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I am  an avid reader.  Or should I say was.  Then baby came.  I tried to ignore the comments everyone told me of “you won’t have time to read once you have a baby” but alas they have become true.  But, I can also include on the list: moving, starting new ministries, buying a home, decorating said home, ministering with my husband, and taking care of a 5 month old cutest little boy.

I’ve not finished one book cover to cover in 2013.  That is so sad.  It is already halfway through February.  I gotta change that!

Here is what is on my READING shelf at home:

Books on Psalm 119: the Message version, a manuscript by a friend of mine on his thoughts, Zemek’s thoughts, Logsden’s thoughts

Books on Suffering: Deborah Howard, Carson, The Problem of Pain, Why O God,

Books for my two Buddies: Shepherd Leader and Future Men

Women: Secret of a Woman’s Influence

Biography: No Compromise and Bach

General: Matthew Commentary by Sproul, Comforts from Romans, Untamed Hospitality, Life in Christ (my Easter reading this year), Loving the Way Jesus Loves