Book Review: Lucado’s New Kids Book: The Boy and the Ocean (Crossway Books)

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I really wish I had written this book. Lucado talks about some of my favorite created things: the ocean and the mountains.  On a personal note: that’s why I always thought NC or VA are the perfect states because you have both within a few hours of each other.  The wonder of East Coast living…but I digress.

Lucado does an excellent and theologically-accurate job of describing God’s love to kids in a way that they can tangibly see and touch and feel.  One of the canvases he discusses is the ocean.  Another one is mountains.  And a third is the stars.  All three can demonstrate to a child some ways that could help them know God’s love better.  Even as an adult who has been a believer most of my life, I think the ocean is the best way to communicate God’s love and other characteristics to others.  I think much of Psalm 19 and Romans 1 when I look at the oceans.

While this book doesn’t go into every aspect of God’s love or many more of His characteristics, it gives a good base to start from and it is good for little children (toddlers).

The writing goes well with the illustrations that are beautifully done in a fashion that will appeal to children.  That’s the only downside to kindle books – you don’t get the beautiful illustrations in a book you can hold.

Thankful for this book.  Elijah loved it and it will be read a lot by my little boy (and Little2 who is on the way).