Practicing the Art of Gratitude

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Facebook has a way of dictating our lives, don’t you think? Or any other social media for that matter. At least in the month of November, that happens to be a good thing. More and more people are choosing to be thankful for 30 things during this month, and putting it on facebook helps them recount all the things and people they are thankful for. Even though I am not taking part in those postings, I did have a word of wisdom spoken to me the other day that I thought I would share.

As my MIL and I were heading toward a women’s event at our church this past weekend, she said how thankful she was to even get to be here to hold her grandsons even if they did cry or get up in the middle of the night or she had to change their diapers (which all of them happened a lot).  That was so convicting for me.

I know I had said I was thankful the delivery went well and that I had friends to help.  And I know I said how cute the boys were.  But, had I thanked God aloud that I get to be their Mommy?  Not that I recall.

When hard times or periods of sleepless nights or trials come into your life – do you remember to thank God for that?  How do you thank God – every day – not just while sitting around the Thanksgiving table?

“Prayer in the name of Christ ends with a calm and joyous Amen; for Jesus Himself is the Amen of God, in whom all promises and gifts of God are sealed.” – Saphir