Knowing God in the OT: Week 1

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God is...

This year I am working my way through the Old Testament.  How did this goal come about?

I was driving on I-40, listening to an Andrew Peterson song with a ton of names.  I thought to myself all of those people knew God somehow.  They all had an encounter with God.  I wanted to know more about that God.

So, I am reading through an OT reading plan.  With each day I’m jotting down my thoughts, and what I learn about God, who He is.  By the end of they year I plan to take photos, quotes from reading, journal thought and compose an ebook out of it.  I am looking forward to this journey.

Each week I will share a snippet with you.  I hope you enjoy.

1.  God is a seeking God.

2.  God is a faithful God.

3.  God is the sustainer and giver of all of life.

4. God is extravagant

5. God makes covenants with us.

  1. Gina

    Something I read yesterday has really stuck with me. I just started the She Reads Truth plan “Fresh Starts” on my YouVersion App. First day was about creation. God, in his foreknowledge, knew that the trees He was creating would someday produce the tree(s?) used to create the cross. He knew that creation would fall. Yet, He still declared it good. He knew man would sin. He knew man would require a Savior. He, the Son, knew that Savior would be Him. Yet, after He created man, He still declared that creation VERY good. Already forgiving. Already loving. “Extravagant” is such a good word – because His love, His forgiveness, everything about Him is very extravagant! Love that one!!