Knowing God in the OT #3

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The God Who Is

I’m a little behind, but I am still loving this study of the OT.  When I come across the written accounts throughout history of what God did – and who He was – I know that He is the same very God today and we can believe Him!

These are some of the ones that stood out to me in my readings:

1.  God cares for his children.

2.  God’s Word is true.

3.  God speaks to His people.

4.  The Word of the Lord is to be feared.

5.  The Lord brought His people out of slavery.

6.  The Lord will fight for you.

7.  The Lord triumphs gloriously.

8.  The Lord is my banner in my war.

9.  The Lord is greater than all Gods.

10.  The Lord is compassionate.

May these truths remind of who God is for you today!