When You Don’t Understand

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Brian Houston

I sang in a traveling ensemble group in high school at the Christian school I attended.  One year we sang a very cheesy (think early 90s) Christian song “When you can’t trace his hand, trust his heart.”  Ok – the words are true, but I will admit very cheesy indeed.

But, how true!  When you know where you want to be in life and what God has gifted you with and don’t see how you are ever going to get there?

When you see some others advancing and succeeding and you just feel like you are stumbling along?

When there is no yellow brick road to travel?

God.  He started you.  He will bring you to completion.

3 Responses

  1. summer

    I so get this. there have been many times I have had these same thoughts but, what I found to be true was God was teaching me to yield to Him. To join my desires and dreams to Him. As I have shared with you SOME of those areas…..you saw God give me a desire a few weeks ago……long long waiting and trusting and yielding and now…… I will wait and trust and yield again. So hard in the waiting but so great when the desire is brought to pass. These days of waiting are refining. I am walking that right with you! 🙂

  2. Gina

    I was in the midst of the struggle with infertility when the BCLR choir sang, perhaps the same song? “When you don’t understand…the purpose of His plan…when you can’t trace His hand…trust His heart” I’m not sure “cheesy” is the word I would choose, but that is probably because those words really slammed me where I was at the time(and I was *not* trusting His plan, His purpose, or His heart…I was furious at best). I think the Lord really spoke to me today through Tim as a reminder of those times. I remember Todd admonishing me in his office one time during our counseling – without FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. THAT is what matters. Our *faith* is what God cares about.