W&BT: Found in Him: Truths to Help Counsel Women

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The Smile of God(Tu

Here is where she gets into the main point of her book – our position in Christ is one of the most IMPORTANT truths we have to believe as Christians.  If we don’t believe this – than our hope is not in the Gospel.

1.  God bought us back from our bondage to sin (pg 138)  He created us to be in a relationship with Him.  Yes we chose and freely choose every day to seek and find comfort in sin rather than seeking Christ.  I’ve been focusing on freedom in my life in Christ lately.  That focus has led me to think about slavery.  Why would a slave, who was freed, return to a harsh master?  When there is a joyous Master waiting, why would that slave willingly return to Bondage.  Is it because of fear of failure, is it to only stick with what you’ve known.  Oh, but the joys of the Father are so much better than the narrow slave relationship and the shackles on your wrist.

2.  Every sin that we have ever or will ever commit has already been paid for, not because of our good works or resolution to do better but because we were in Christ when he died in payment for our sin. (pg 139).  No matter what sin we ever commit – if we trust and hope and ground ourselves in Christ and his finished work on the cross – that sin is paid for.  It doesn’t make it any less heinous of a sin – or less hurtful to God – but it is paid for.  Jesus Paid it All – is true – ALL!  All is a great term.  It is a comforting word.  Let’s believe it!  Don’t live in shame and don’t keep sinning.

3.  I think this statement needs to be preached to every single woman in all of our lives: churched, unchurched, saved, lost, etc.  Read this: Believe it.  Preach it.  Allow the hope to sink in!  “We now stand before God alive, not dead, cleansed, not vile, whole, not shattered, and welcomed, not sent away.  We stand in complete righteousness and holiness no longer dead in our trespasses but completely and eternally alive in him.” (pg 140)  How can we lead ourselves and the ladies we minister to to believe this and walk in this truth?

4.  We have been given Christ’s perfect record of always having obeyed, and second, we have been given a new heart, a heart like his, one that desires to obey out of love. (pg 143).  If we tell ourselves or tell others that we obey out of law – than we are leading them astray. The only thing the law does, or legalism, is to prove that we are sinners.  We will fail.  And mostly likely we will live in that failure and continue the cycle of trying and failing, trying and failing.

This is a pivotal chapter in how we counsel our own souls and how we counsel other women.  We can’t let them believe the lies that the enemy tells them – that they have to be perfect – that we have to be perfect.  We will never measure up.  But – we have and serve and love and our loved by one who measured up perfectly.  Let’s always tell our women that truth!