Engaging Creativity

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When I wake up in the morning – I stare at the bits of light streaming through our mostly-closed blinds.  I see creativity.  When I settle in for the evenings, I peak out and see the moon winking down on all the city.  I see creativity.  When I stare into the blue eyes of both my babies and see the wonder and excitement about everything that life will hold.  I see creativity.  When I scroll through bloglovin and see the many faces and pictures of blog posts that I read – of people I know and don’t know.  I see creativity.

I would say the first passion in creativity that I had was music.  Piano playing and voice.  I wanted to be Barbara Mandrell – and thank goodness I’m not.  I did sing on the stage at the Strawberry Festival – but that was a lifetime ago.

The next was photography.  I took pictures of everywhere and everything and everyone in high school.  That’s why I was class historian and presented a scrapbook of our class to the school upon our graduation ceremony.

The next was cooking.  I seriously had cooked and grocery shopped as long as I could remember, but not until college did I love doing it for other people.

I didn’t come to love writing until seminary.  In high school I was definitely NOT encouraged in my writing ability – and therefore never though I could write.  And even now, sometimes discouragement sets in, sometimes I remember that I helped create a curriculum and wrote for it the first year – and I remember that we all have a writing style.

Here are the ways I engage in creativity today:

Photography: here is a goal (thinking through my place in life) – I want to continue to take photos and learn and save and do shoots – for the end goal of not only capturing moments and people – but starting a small business when the boys start school.  I don’t have the time to do a small business now, but I can learn all I can for the next 3 years.

Snail Mail: lettering, art, and notecard making is an outlet of creativity.  I love it.  And it brightens mailboxes on other street corners.

Cooking: I still love to cook, plate, and photograph food.  It is something I have to do, but MOST days it is also something I like to do.  I love introducing my men to new foods.  I love making yumminess for other families as a blessing.

Writing: I still do write.  Maybe I don’t get paid – but I write devotionally.  I would like to get better at food writing.  I think all of writing is gift and practice.  My brother is a great writer.  I know many other great writers – and they all have a style that is all their own.  Embrace it!

How do you engage in creativity – no matter the life you lead or the time restraints you have?