Summer, Losing Weight, and Ice Cream

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I live in the south.  It is hot.  Actually this week it has been about 10 degrees cooler – so I’ll take it.

This summer I’m in the process of losing about 20 pounds leftover from being married and having kids.  But, when it is hot I still want ice cream.  Ice cream is an important dietary component in the summer (ok, really, anytime).

When I’m trying to count calories, the best way for me to go it an individual serving ice cream treat from Weight Watchers.  It helps me not eat an entire pint or quart of ice cream and it has less than 200 calories and it tastes pretty good.

So, thanks to Influenster I got to try out two free boxes – and have since been trying them.  It is a perfect cool treat at night when I want to splurge!